WOODiWiLD has been created with the sole purpose of re-planting trees on farms across Australia to provide habitat for our threatened wildlife and to help address climate change.

We kicked off in 2019 and we need your help to meet our goal to plant 1 million trees over the next decade.


Help us meet our goal and accelerate the planting of 1 million trees in the next ten years to 2029. Check out our current plantings here….



Our approach is unique with every tree having its own map location so that you can see your tree on Google Maps and follow the growth of the forest. You will be part of a grass roots movement helping to protect our wildlife, for your kids and theirs to enjoy.


Learn about our GREAT AUSSIE SCHOOLS FOREST  initiative and the threatened plants and animals that YOU can help. You can contact us at info@woodiwild.org to set up a fundraiser for your school.


CO2 Capture

Help offset your lifestyle’s carbon footprint with every tree you fund.



Our plantings are established on private farm land that has previously been cleared of vegetation. They  provide habitat for wildlife threatened with extinction as well as providing benefits to the farm. We partner with farmers who are willing to provide their land at no cost to WOODiWiLD to plant trees – leaving a wonderful legacy for future generations.