Planting trees not only creates habitat for wildlife - they also capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Why not fund a tree to reduce your carbon footprint!


  • There are numerous carbon calculators available on line if you want to work out exactly how much CO2 you produce and how many trees you need to plant to offset your Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • We provide some guidance below on the amount of  CO2 you will typically capture by funding trees with WOODiWiLD.

Planting 16 trees and growing them for 30 years will offset the energy used in a typical house over one year.

Reduction in energy consumption at home, in transport and through your consumption of goods and services is critically important in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and we do not promote tree planting as an alternative to reducing your energy consumption.

We actively promote reduction in your carbon footprint as the primary action for everyone to take to reduce future CO2 emissions, but at WOODiWiLD we also understand that not all emissions can be avoided and that there is a need to address the existing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.  The natural carbon cycle, including the conversion of CO2 into carbon in trees through photosynthesis, is currently the best answer we have for reducing existing greenhouse gas levels.

WOODiWiLD recognises that planting trees is only part of the answer to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Why not fund a tree now !