Planted in 2021 - Eastern Sloped is a lovely property in the Willaura-Wickliffe area in Victoria. Parts of the property which were previously cleared are now being re-forested with WOODiWiLD to provide habitat for native wildlife.

The Property

Eastern Slopes is a beautiful property located between Willaura and Wickliffe on the volcanic plain in Victoria. The property has had many generations looking after the land and planting trees to create habitat and WOODiWiLD is proud to be helping to add to this legacy.  The re-forested areas will help create corridors for wildlife across the landscape.

You can help us to establish the “Eastern Slopes” and future plantings by funding a tree in conjunction with a school fundraiser.

Help us create more habitat like this !

With your support, we will be extending plantings right across Australia, establishing corridors and stepping stones in the landscape that provide important refuge for wildlife.

We are working with farmers to re-vegetate areas of their farms that are not productive and are better suited to tree planting, and we will apply the best available science to ensure our plantings are effective habitat for the local and migratory threatened species.

Check out our landholder Elyjah’s video here :

Date Planted

May 2021

Total Trees Planted



Eastern Slopes is located in the volcanic plain in Victoria between Willaura and Wickliffe

Time Lapse

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Learn about threatened species and the animals in our area that YOU can help save.



Learn about the species of trees we are replanting at Eastern Slopes