Indigofera australis, the Australian indigo or Austral indigo, is an attractive species of leguminous shrub in the genus Indigofera (family Fabaceae). The genus name Indigofera is Neo-Latin for “bearing Indigo” (Indigo is a purple dye originally obtained from some Indigofera species). Australis, from the Latin, means not “Australian” but “southern”, referring to the geographical distribution of the species.

It is an upright plant, growing to 2 m high, with flexible stems. The leaves are pinnate, openly spaced on the stems, around 10 cm long and velvety smooth to the touch. The flower color is unusual, ranging through soft purple hues, often pinkish and a change from other species flowering at the same time.

It can regrow and sucker from rootstocks and lateral roots after fire.