Eucalyptus viminalis, the manna gum, ribbon gum, white gum, or viminalis, is an Australian eucalypt.

It is a straight erect tree, often around 130 feet (40 metres) tall, with rough bark on the trunk and base of larger branches, its upper bark peels away in long “ribbons” which can collect on the branches and surrounding ground.  Occasionally it can attain very large sizes. There is a specimen in Coleraine, Victoria, at location -37.60029, 141.6876, that measures 3.575 metres (11.73 ft) diameter.

Eucalyptus viminalis is widely distributed in the cooler areas of Australia where the leaves are the favoured food of koalas.Sap has a 5–15% sugar content which makes it an essential part of the energy budget for arboreal or tree dwelling marsupial mammals like yellow-bellied, sugar and other gliders.

Timber is generally pale pink to pinkish brown in colour, often with distinctive light grey streaks. The attractive light pink tones of this species and its easy workability make it desirable in furniture applications. Structurally, uses are limited due to its low strength and durability, however some is used in seasoned and unseasoned house framing. Sapwood is distinct.

From its geographical distribution, it is not surprising that it is hardy down to −15 degrees Celsius (+5 °F) or more making it suitable for planting in Europe.

Indigenous Australians used the wood of the tree to make shields and wooden bowls.

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