Eucalyptus polyanthemos is an attractive tree and has been used in amenity plantings. Remnant trees of this species play an important role in shelter for stock and in preventing erosion. The wood of this species is very dense, makes excellent firewood and is in strong demand for this purpose throughout its range. The wood is strong, durable, dries slowly but is difficult to season; it is resistant to termites and has been for fencing.


Potential farm use: good for fence posts, good ornamental attributes, shelterbelt or shade for stock
Specialty products: flowers produce nectar for honey production, pollen has value for apiculture
Urban use: good as an ornamental or amenity plant or ideal maintenance free street tree
Wildlife value: flowers are especially attractive to birds
Wood products: craftwood (for turnery etc.), heavy construction, high quality fuelwood, industrial charcoal, panelling, posts (including fencing), speciality timber for quality furniture, termite resistant

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