Callitris Glaucophylla is a species of coniferous tree in the family Cupressaceae (cypress family), native to most of Australia. Common names include White Cypress-pine, Murray River Cypress-pine, and Northern Cypress-pine.

It is a small evergreen tree, 4–12 m (rarely to 20 m) high, with a trunk up to 50 cm diameter. The leaves are scale-like, 2–6 mm long and 0.5 mm broad, arranged in decussate whorls of three on very slender shoots 0.7–1 mm diameter. The cones are globose, 1–2 cm diameter, with six triangular scales, which open at maturity to release the seeds.

Image by Hesperian – Scanned from original 6×4 print, CC BY 3.0,
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