Planted in 2005 - "Karrindee" was our first new habitat block. We planted 4960 trees, which have now grown into a micro-forest, demonstrating that we can establish new areas for threatened wildlife while continuing to effectively operate a farm.

The Property

The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage have identified 67 animals in the south-west slopes region of NSW that are threatened with extinction*. You can see the list of threatened species in the panel wildlife below.  Our plantings will, over time, provide much needed habitat for many of these species.

WOW! A Forest in just 13 years!

You can watch the time-lapse video of the establishment and growth of our “Karrindee” micro-forest in the panel below, from cleared paddocks to a young forest / woodland in 13 years.

This planting was initially established for farm forestry but will now be retained as habitat for wildlife and to continue sequestering CO2.


Check out our aerial view of Karrindee in July 2020 here :
Listen to the Bird Song recorded at Karrindee in 2018 here :


Our future plantings will include a more diverse array of plants to provide even more effective habitat for the local threatened species.

*We acknowledge and thank the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage for the provision of threatened species information in this website.

Date Planted

September 2005

Total Trees Planted



Karrindee is located in southern New South Wales, near Wagga Wagga.

Time Lapse

Watch our plantation grow in this slideshow



Learn about threatened species and the animals in our area that YOU can help save.



Learn about the species of trees we are replanting at Karrindee