The Little Pied Bat is a distinctive black and white bat that weighs four to eight grams. The head and body are about 4.5 cm in length; the tail 3.5 cm. The fur is glossy black on the back, grey on the belly, with white fur along the flanks forming a ‘V’ in the pubic area.


The Little-Pied Bat is found in inland Queensland and NSW (including Western Plains and slopes) extending slightly into South Australia and Victoria.

Habitat and ecology

  • Occurs in dry open forest, open woodland, mulga woodlands, chenopod shrublands, cypress pine forest and mallee and Bimbil box woodlands.
  • Roosts in caves, rock outcrops, mine shafts, tunnels, tree hollows and buildings.
  • Can tolerate high temperatures and dryness but need access to nearby open water.
  • Feeds on moths and possibly other flying invertebrates.


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Image by Bruce Thomson.
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